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Random Thoughts

Boy’s silhouette. Sitting at the rock and looking at sea thinking about life.

And saw I wrote a poem, that as the world was dying, my heart was set burning.
And in that poem, I was the only persona. The words were not happy neither was the first and last stanza. They were bitter.

I wrote a poem about a country that fed its people with democratic lies. A country far in the east, a people with elegant culture, divided by what they spoke and who they earthly worshipped.

And in this poem, I saw the love of my life, sobbing silently, I admit, my heart breathed pain. I had never dreamt of a life where one bird stayed in the rain to find comfort and the other bird stayed in the nest breaking  ‘glasses’.

Is it not true? when my mother was left alone, life became a rainbow. Her words always blessed my soul every day but my eyes became an ocean. In the poem, I vividly put this on paper.

Before I concluded my poem, I recalled Haruki, that once the storm is over, you can’t remember how you made it through, in this life, you won’t be the same heart that walked in, not the same person, and that’s what this storm is all about. It is a poem in tears. 

A little boy with a pen in his hand.


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