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His name was Elosie.

Elosie was a neighborhood friend, a blind wonderful young man without home, someone who made every kid smile.

I was told a story
A story of a young man
Whose eyes were closed
but he could count stars every night
A young man who had his toes chopped
and his fingers tossed in the fire
And even though his thumbs soaked deep in cross pain
He used to join those little kids as they perform skits in the streets.

I was told a story
of a young grey man
With skin as hard as that of a snake when dried
and a body that could handle the storm
He was green but soft
A hoarse voice hid deep in his chest,
and the only time you could hear him speak was when his tears made the paper shirt thick
He was young and smart
Sweet but sad
And everyone could read through his brown face that looked like sand.

Being Young and Wild in Poetry-

Happy New Year 2021 quotes for friends | Business Insider India
Poetic Felix Foundation wishes you a happy and blessed new year, 2021.


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