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This Time Tomorrow.

The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for – Ernest Hemingway.

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I’ll be sitting down by the stream,
Listening to the songs and sounds underneath,
This time, I will raise my shoulders high,
And symbolize a flying bird in the sky,
As the melody goes on and on….
My feet will slowly taste the moving water.

I will describe it all on a painted wall,
Breach the start and seal the end,
Laugh out loud with my mouth so wide,
Cough my voice out,
Chime the rhymes of mother nature,
And hit my chest with zeal,
The earth is where I belong.

This time tomorrow,
Papa will be dancing in the farm,
With a face full of joy,
Singing the songs of Zion,
While mother suckles the pretty face at home,
And life goes on and on like a pattern,
A day left never to forget,
The earth is what we call a home.

This poem was originally written by Felix Odhiambo, founder of Poetic Felix Foundation, published writer and a Journalist by profession. The poem has been featured in the Voice of Earth Hisia Zangu Poetry Anthology.

Voice of the Earth : An Anthology of Hisia Zangu Poetry by [Willem Malaba, Namatsi Lukoye, Nick Ouma Ochieng, Emmah  Kemunto, Oscar  Ashitiva, Felix  Odhiambo, Xolani Ntuli, Wataka  Damaris, Paul  Masinde, Henry   Gachoka Kanyi]
An Anthology of Hisia Zangu Poetry.


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