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Who's afraid of VPAID? | Blue Billywig

Things are no longer sweet,
The morning charmer has washed away the beauty of life,
And the night glamour is lost deep into the sea,
Birds that chirp in my garden now sing dirges,
I can no longer understand the love I had for my person,

Everything is still,
From the beating of my heart to the shrieking of a train down its rail,
The engine is warm and silent,
I can’t even see the red cinder in the sky,
And the duo parrots have flown away,
Leaving ashes in their cages,

Things are no longer sweet,
Even kissing seems like an explosion to my eyes,
The warmth of love has turned into sharp cries,
And every touch is as cold as broken Ice,
The wind no longer sing across my ears when I run,
The night is filled with voices whistling,
I am Afraid.

Below and Beyond Poetry-


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