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I want to go home!

Home is where the HEART is

I want to walk into the arms of those silent trees,
When they fly along with their leaves as feathers near the stream,
I want home!
To dress in robes made out of an old bulls skin,
And dance to the rhythm of my feet,
I want to face the knife with my eyes closed and be part of the war,
I am a warrior,
I want to go home where I belong,
To stand before the moon and sing with arms akimbo,
And when crickets begin to sing, we are all out hunting for them,
I want to join sonnets of the early birds as they seek to find for themselves,
I want peace, a place where meekness is not weakness,
And hatred is buried under the tree,
Today, I am Africa but I miss being an African,
A home is a place where I eat from the bush and not an uptown industry,
Where I speak from my language and not buy one,
And this paradise where sex is sold for coins is not home,
Because home we pay with flocks of sheep, cows and goats,
I miss that special home in my heart,
Where babies are not born with dark souls and they all belong to the sky,
This is home, everyone can feel it,
We gather around to drink from one pot but before that,
We must spit on the ground and make our fathers smile,
I want to go home where my heart belongs,
Someone take me home.

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