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Hell and Heaven is a Fantasy.

George Bernard Shaw Quote: “The frontier between hell and heaven ...

Hell and heaven is a fantasy
where milk and honey
are just but a symphony of ashes
and everybody is scared of spirits
that form the afterlife society 
When we die our bodies become dry
but where do our souls go?
People die and life goes on
and the end of life is when you die
and history will always take refuge
Birds will fly, clouds will show up
but the sky will bring back the fear
that someone must have been here before us
in a world where everything was void
and the sounds of leaves when they cry
could never communicate
To say that then hell must exist to burn souls
heaven must also exist to house souls when they stand to live again
and everything will come to an end for it to pass
and that is fantasy
and all that exists will live to die then just disappear
Till they arise in a new form and seek refuge
where we all will meet up with our last destination
To say that hell is nowhere and heaven is nowhere
and that is also fantasy
That man will die and never arise and no road will meet up with him
that milk and honey will forever remain just but a symphony of ashes
and everyone is scared of what to do and what to leave
how to live and how not to
how to avoid being the last soul that will never be free.

Below and Beyond Poetry-


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