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My Mother’s Velvet Dress.

At first, she wanted the world but when the world took part of her life she was no more interested. Before this, she used to sing in school with a soft sweet voice. She was a source foundation of peace and today she is shining like never been before – from My Mother in Three Lives

Mother's Day Events and Brunches in NH

She stands before the mirror looking at everything around her body
So while I try to get her silky shoes she starts to force a smile
A new month for her
A new velvet dress for her spirit
and a new life in her world
She is stunning
Her grey eyes staring at the beauty before the mirror
She starts to dance you would think it is a new world of 80’s cassette
and when the dress sways below her knees
I can hear her vocals shaking the walls of inner me
A velvet dress, white and shining
Soft and brightening
She puts the mirror away, stands next to her closet
and begins to sob again and again
A broken soul that seeks happiness with things that fail to talk.

Below and Beyond Poetry-


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