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Wedding Eve – The Concept.

Today, marking my Thursday usual celebration of great Poets, I celebrate a great man, a professor of Literature, an Icon; Everett Maraka Standa with his poem ‘The Wedding Eve’.

Prof. Everett Maraka Standa

Should I
Or should I not
Take the oath to love
This person I know little about?

Does she love me
Or my car
Or my future
Which I know little about?

Will she continue to love me
When the future she saw in me
Crumbles and fades into nothing
Leaving the naked me
To love without hope?

Will that smile she wears
Last through the hazards to come
When fate strikes
Across the dreams of tomorrow?
Or will she
Like the clever passenger in a faulty plane
Wear her life jacket
And jump out to save her life
Leaving me to crash into the unknown?

What magic can I use
To see what lies beneath
Her angel face and well knit hair
To see her hopes and dreams
Before I take the oath
To love forever?

We are both wise chess players
She makes a move
I make a move
And we trap each other in our secret dreams
Hoping to win against each other.

Everett Maraka Standa


In this poem, Everett is talking of the events that might follow after the wedding when you are now pronounced as husband and wife. He explains how grooms are never sure if truly the lady they are about to marry will love them in poverty and richness or will they like a clever passenger leave the marriage when things become unexpectedly worse. Personally, I think Everett has made his piece easy to understand and well explained. Now it is up to you; Comment Below.


1 thought on “Wedding Eve – The Concept.

  1. So real and teaching on taming on our decisions .

    Liked by 1 person

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