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Life is Broke.

Death is not the greatest loss of life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

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Help me reclaim the silent pieces I have lost,
So that I can feel the breath in this life again,
Help me stand firm when the wind sways my heart from left to right,
Because I can no longer support its beating,
I tell you that life is now broke,
The crying babies have no more tears to shed,
And their mothers have thrown them into the pit latrine,
Where life goes beyond living,
We are no more the people we used to think of,
We kill, we lie, we have fried and we are waiting to die,
Help me show them the light they have always dreamt of,
Instead, now they dance and they are danced to,
They shake and they are shaken,
And when clouds become sour, all they are left with is naked spirits,
Indeed life is broke and breaking,
We know no peace, we don’t have to,
We are beyond love but we keep on talking about the tales of love,
Our sisters have sunk deep into the sheets of our brothers,
Our neighbours knock at our doors daily in the wee hours,
Our friends have helped us to design our coffins,
And the filthy life we’ve chosen is all stuck deep into our nose,
We have fried, we want to die and we try,
But life is now broke and breaking.

Below and Beyond Poetry-


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